• How do i connect a VSTi to MIDIChannel.net?
    • I am a big fan of the loopMIDI project which allows you to create a loopback midi device in windows
  • I dont have a synthesizer or MIDI instrument can i still listen?
    • Yes! MIDIChannel offers a built in browser synthesizer with some built in instruments (see MIDI.js implementation below)
  • Will everyone hear the same exact thing?
    • If everyone uses the built in synth, you will all hear the same thing. However each user may choose to output the MIDI data to an external device or software synth
  • What kind of MIDI messages will work with MIDIChannel?
    • Currently the only messages supported are Note On, Note Off, Beat Clock (0x248), Pitch Bend, Control Change. Program Change messages are not supported as all users may be using different synthesizers with different patches selected.
  • What about latency?
    • My goal from the start of this project was to get the latency to acceptable levels. According to my research that is around 10-12ms for most finely trained professional musicians. However most people wont notice latency around 30ms, and from my extensive testing on a decent connection MIDIChannel will operate around 25ms. If i find a way to make it faster, I WILL!

MIDI.js Implementation

On the bottom of the screen you will notice a switch named "synth" this will enable MIDI.js (a browser based synthesizer.) Below is the default instrument mapping using soundfonts provided by the fluidsynth project.

Soundfonts: https://github.com/gleitz/midi-js-soundfonts
MIDI.js: https://github.com/mudcube/MIDI.js/

MIDI Channel#FluidR3_GM Instrument Name